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1 minute ago, Grandad said:

If they really do have 1 person making the calls - and assuming they are working on an average of 6 an hour processed (to allow for selfish Wednesday fans not answering their calls), getting the card details, sending a confirmation email and doing the actual refund - if they work 35 hours a week and are doing nothing else at all, it would take 38 weeks to process all refunds



Minus lunch hour and breaks

And if that's the only job they're actually doing (e.g. they don't have to stop for a bit to serve someone in the shop who wants to buy a Danny Wilson Toby Jug)


Owlstalk Shop




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7 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

To anyone expecting a phone call

BE NICE to the people ringing you

They are Sheffield people just going to work to earn a living like YOU

Be nice, treat them with respect, and give them messages of support when you speak to them

Anyone giving these genuine people shìt should be ashamed of themselves, it's quite obvious what restrictions the staff are working under.

4 hours ago, stanningtonowl said:

My reply was 29th June at 1918 hours. 
Do we know what time  we are up to on the list? 

19.18.29 seconds 

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4 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


Phone therm!!!!


Just read a twitter thread about this 



Someone was just saying 'Just phone them up!!' 

So everyone did

They ALL got told that they had to sit and wait in line for their phone call





Owlstalk Shop




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I’ve sort of resigned myself to the fact that I’m not getting my refund. 

As long as Jordan’s getting his £35k a week though, I know it’s being put to good use. 

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