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Cricket through the winter

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We play some ODI games before Christmas.


Aussies host India in four Tests - Pucovski and Cameron Green both getting called up. Virat only playing one Test (sadface).


Big Bash League.


We might have some games in Sri Lanka and India in the new year if we can sort that out. Possibly also touring Pakistan?



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18 minutes ago, Adem Poric said:

I'd never heard of it until you just mentioned it. Now i've been on their website and i've still no idea.


They have a dome.


They all wear space armour.


Cricket spelled with a K.





Yeah I was the same. 


All I can take from it is it's going to be indoor cricket? 


What is it a PE lesson? 

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I'm mainly intrigued by the body armour. Does that mean they are going to stand in the middle of the dome and not know where the balls are coming from? 


Or is it going to be a gladiator pit where they fight with cricket bats?


I'm all in for Gayle v KP death match.

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