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If you think the way Steve Bruce left Sheffield Wednesday and how he did it was bad....

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:


From the reaction I'm seeing, our fans would be happy if Chansiri hiked up the prices to double what they are now  in order to bring him here so he can 'get us challenging for the playoffs next season'


Wednesday fans are about to get everything we deserve if we applaud this appointment

I think it was really shabby to be honest and he isn't a character I would like at the club personally. But if he comes we have to accept it and hope it works out. It was better than leaving us to rot under a manager who's time had passed.


You have however advocated Neil Warnock many times and he is exactly the same type of anti football manager and nasty mardy shady character so I dont quite get the massive anti Pulis vibe.

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5 minutes ago, debram said:

Think DC should have a chat with Simon Jordan before jumping in. 

Think Jordan would love to work it up us...........

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Some in pro sports treat it as an underground, nefarious, organised crime world. Maybe that’s because they can’t get honest work. Not everyone, just the ones who are exposed. Their day will come. The fans get the worst of it. We pay through the nose like old ladies in the casinos. Shameful. Maybe lower league action is the way to go. UTO. 

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2 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

What do you think of the story in the link?

Sounds like he proper screwed them over for his own gain.

If he turns us into a decent team and keeps us up this means absolutely nothing to me. 

Are we supposed to be outraged and go on a march or something because of poor Simon Jordan’s plight?

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Some of you are so desperate for success you will accept anyone if it brings results.  I want a club to be proud of, and that’s about far more than league position.  I think the only guarantee with Pulis is not that he will save us from relegation, but that he will walk out on us at some point - he clearly doesn’t really want the job or he would be at Hillsborough right now.

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