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Pulis in before the weekend

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14 minutes ago, Tea Baggins said:


Exactly this.


Pulis to steady the ship and retain our league status.


Get someone in for next summer for the long term re-build.


We won’t be conceding 3s against sides like Rotherham. We won’t be conceding set pieces like against Wycombe and Brentford. 

Short term it’s win win. We stay up and reassess in the summer. Also gives Pulis a chance to win supporters over and if he doesn’t we can start again 

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4 minutes ago, archieswfc said:

Modern fans are partly to blame for this mate. We don't give managers time. So the merry go round continues. Managers with good track records are generally the ones who are not available. We can't invent new ones.  


I don't think it's the fans fault, just modern football wanting instant results.


Cook has done well, Lowe would have come for talks despite being at Plymouth, someone on an upward trajectory rather than the merry go round or final payday hunt.

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Do I want Pulis? - Hell no


Is he more likely to keep us in the Championship than Monk? - Yes


That's the one & only positive I can think of for his potential appointment.


Hopefully Boris will ban supporters attending matches for the rest of the season.

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5 minutes ago, Blatter said:

Contract to the end of the season it says. This season is about results not pretty football.

Whats the point?

Then start the whole fiasco again next season?...Why not build for the future straight away?

I believe the squad is capable of finishing towards mid table this season anyway..Even under Monk...So why get Pulis?

His record is little better than Monks....


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3 minutes ago, swfcAH said:

I get giving him the rest of the season to ensure we stay up but do we honestly expect the club to move him on when he's run his course and we need to build?


This is my concern too - Pulis does well enough to keep us up then what? 


Is he really going to be shifted on, probably not. Anyone worth their own salt as a manager would have a clause for another year.

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