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Steve Dale registers Bury badge in his own name

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The fact that man was allowed to do what he did is nothing short of shameful. 


Oh, and then of course a similar thing happened to Macclesfield a year or so later. 


Embarrassing all round. 

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That the laws of this country are so non existent about protecting the heritage of our national sport is absolutely shameful. We have had successive governments who simply do not get football, or fail to understand for a moment the enormous role clubs play in society. 


Don't know how this ******** sleeps at night. 

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The term wänkpuffin came about on twitter. Someone posted a picture of the back of a router that had a random password type thing. The word was wänkpuffin. Turns out it was photoshopped and done for comedy effect but the thread it produced was amazing. It's a magnificent insult. 


Every day's a school day with LMC. 

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