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40 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:

I am surprised Sol Campbell is under consideration.

As a player he is one of the Premier League greatest defenders but as a manager he has nowhere near enough experience to think he will be a success here.

same with chris waddle a top top player ,total opposite in management 

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4 hours ago, mcmigo said:

Part of the best England team since 66.


Mainstay of the defence that went unbeaten for a whole Premier League season.


Multiple winner of the premier league.


Sol Campbell was a truly brilliant player and without doubt in the top 3 defenders this country has produced. It is almost embarrassing that our fans rave about Walker, who cheated football in his time here, and don't recognise how good Campbell was.



Shearer didnt rate campbell at all. Rated Des highly. Good enough for me

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5 hours ago, @owlstalk said:



The new manager was decided two weeks ago

All we're doing now is waiting for the announcement


Don't be believing we're 'interviewing' this week and all that nonsense


Not doubting you mate


But if this is true, then the new manager will be in place when the players return to training this week


It makes no sense to prolong an announcement


The new man needs to hit the ground running and he needs to have his staff in place too


Waiting 12 months before he's allowed to bring his own staff in is very costly in more ways than one


With the way the chairman treated the last manager, hanging him out to dry, we deserve Campbell or Neville


I'd take either over Pullis

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Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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3 minutes ago, Blue and white said:

Bloody hope not, terrible manager and a right attitude problem regarding race, comes across as the only black man in the village.

You know, you could have just discussed his merits as a manager...but no, you ended up playing the race card, which is mildly ironic. 


Crap post. 

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