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Adam Reach "Complete surprise! Players didn't know what was happening"

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Glad he’s cleared that up. It means the Improved Bournemouth performance was nothing to do with the announcement halving the points deduction. What it should mean though is that some of the pressure is off and will help the players perform more to their ability. 

Come on boys, show what you can really do against Millwall and start converting those chances you create into goals. Adam Reach in particular is surely due a goal.

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37 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

I like Reach seems like a nice lad. Good footballer too. Hope he can get back to his best, he’s definitely capable of being a top player at this level. 

I did notice in his first season here that he seemed to be the only one on the pitch doing any talking and trying to organise the team.  Seems to have dropped off since - not sure he's been told to keep quiet.

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