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1 hour ago, TrickyTrev said:

Bang on!!!!


We should be taking legal advice on this, Monk said since the deduction we were shopping in a different market. We know for a fact that Jackson Irvine turned us down because of it.


Had the correct deduction been made, firstly it’d have come off last season with no consequence and secondly these players may have signed for us.

Absolutely this. The 6 points should have been deducted far before the end of last season. 


Would have left us in an entirely different situation when thinking about offering contract extensions and trying to sign new players this summer. Fletcher might still be here, for example. 


And we have effectively been robbed of 6 points this season. Leaving us currently 2nd botton.


An absolute farce. Would love to know the ins and outs. Hope De Marco sticks to his word and spills all one day...


Objectively good news today, but we've been absolutely f**ked by the EFL in the last 24 months. Chansiri doesnt smell of roses either, mind. 

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DC ain't been about as he's been doing this with Nick.. Don't underestimate him I guess. He probably planned to tell us on lockdown day on purpose to brighten it all up for the fans. 

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2 minutes ago, wilyfox said:

If it’s reduced to 6, should be applied to last season’s tally. 

Completely agree.


Only reason it wasn't applied last year was because it would have relegated us. 

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