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11 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

yes I agree. Just except this now and move on. 

Your either guilty or not though ? How can there be an inbetween ? 

the owner is adamant he is in the right, everyone laughed and said he was delusional ... the arbitration panel clearly saw flaws in the EFL’s claim ? How

can they give -6 ? On what grounds ? Your not guilty ? Take the 12 off then .. 

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Just now, hirstyboywonder said:



Were you one of those who thought we shouldn't have appealed as well?

No. Just don’t want it dragging on. 

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1 minute ago, Beighton Owl 87 said:

Tried having a look on there need to be signed in to read the thread. Not worth the hassle. 

Yeah, the exact same thing they criticise this forum for.

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2 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


I suspect that although the Arbitration panel have agreed with the original decision that we shouldn't have included the stadium sale in the 2017/18 accounts the clubs belief that it had permission to do so has been viewed as mitigating circumstances which should have been taken into account when determining the punishment.

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