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35 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


Who from?

The list would be massive ! You know that, posters had us hung drawn and quartered ! 
 Me personally I’ve always believed we would get something back !   UTO 

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9 minutes ago, ANDY said:


EFL. Have not reduced the points. Arbitration panel have. 

expecting  EFL to appeal 



Expect fans to say Arbitration panel have it for us then, only getting 6 points knocked off. After all everyone has it for us 

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54 minutes ago, FinnishOwl said:

We just threw away 9 points so.. a small victory :duntmatter:

Yeah this is the sickener. 

+6 is great and a huge step towards potential survival, but we should have taken 7 points minimum from Luton/Toytown/Wycombe. 

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