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Man of the match - Bournemouth (H)

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Well, I'm delighted to say "Typical Wednesday!"

















Also, I couldn't get the poll thingy-majig working. So you'll have to state your cases rather than just click on your man of the match. Though tonight those onderous thoughts should be more enjoyable than of late






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100% work rate and graft won us that game. Personally, I think they just thought they had to turn up and win - bad attitude from them.


There were a lot of good performances but Bannan nicked it. Reach also had a very good game. But, there were so many who ran their nads off. 

Im under no illusions tho - we won’t stay up winning games nicking penalties. We need to find a way to score goals. Made up with the 3 points and a major plus was the work rate of the team. Cannot be faulted tonight. 


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MoM = Odubajo


Wildsmith = 7 - didn't actually have much to do. One fumble from a looping header, but otherwise fine.

Odubajo = 7, great work-rate, pace to snuff out some threats, one of his best games for us

Palmer = 7, dogged, determined defending

Iorfa = 7, pace helped get us out of trouble, mis-read a couple of crosses

Borner = 7, calm on the ball, back to somewhere near his best

Harris = 7, the usual mix of one good cross, two bad - but solid in defence and tenacious. Think the red card was a little unlucky but won't be overturned. In a funny way it helped us, as stopped their counter-attack.

Pelupessy = 8, MoM, his type of game - lots of running and blocking, Bournemouth not too clinical and he was able to snuff out many of theri good positions. Still a bit sloppy on the ball

Bannan = 8, Worked hard, bit subdued at time, but gets extra point for clutch penalty

Reach = 7, his running helped to stretch the game and make a decent midfield battle

Kachunga = 7, put a couple of decent crosses in - still looks far from clinical with the ball at his feet

Windass = 7, it looked very much like a dive, at least as much as the Rotherham one last week, but put himself about well to good effect. Wish he would stay onside more



Brown = 6, his sloppy backheel led to the Harris red card

Paterson = 7, did a good job holding it up at the end

Marriott = N/A - not on for long enough to judge, almost got in

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Hey Snoots

Bet you didn’t think you’d be on here tonight celebrating a win


Making Pelupessy and Borner star men ?.

You couldn’t have made that up in a million years 

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