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What would attendance be tonight ?

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1 minute ago, Vaughan said:

If covid magically disappeared and we were allowed back in .....


 I reckon you'd struggle to get 12000 to go .



Don't forget we would include all the ST holders even if they don't turn up. So I would go for 14876.

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Still think you’d get around 17K. 

I worry next season, if we are allowed in stadiums of course that with our current season ticket pricing and possibly playing in L1, we could see some of the lowest numbers known for a while at Hillsborough. 

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I would think given our home form in 2020, there would be zero POTG'ers willing to pay £33-£36, turning up.


Also imagine a lot of ST holders staying away.

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12 minutes ago, HIGHERSTATE said:

Just another veiled attack on Monk.




YAWN .. No it wasnt .  Was a genuine question.   More of a query about people getting out the habit of going,  financial pressures and of course our utterly pathetic team.





I wouldn't make a veiled attack on Monk.


I'd do this :


Monk is dog shitt.  Get him sacked.  


Nothing veiled about that. Not sure anything has to be veiled anymore.



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If Chansiri keeps sitting on his hands while Monk serves up this rubbish, he’ll be in for a serious shock if we’re allowed back in next August. Crowds would be around the 12k mark I reckon 

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5 minutes ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

what ever it would be minus 1.....me!!

I'm the opposite


I'd have been there

I have bought I-Follow for the match tonight and can't wait to watch it

It's another page in a story

I want to see how it plays out

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Owlstalk Shop




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