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Garry Monk's view of todays defeat - surely can't last any longer than tonight now?

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1 minute ago, RUMBELOWS91 said:

Did we play better, or were we playing a side that's really a League One side?


I suppose both. I thought Windass and Brown connected the midfield and attack today. Also, Reach and Harris were better on their natural sides. So, in general I thought our play in their half was better. The big problem with that is that we still failed to create any real clear cut chances.

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1 minute ago, beswetherick said:


Perfect time to get a proper manager in then... won’t happen, but it’d be nice

just like last time it will keep monk in a job. 

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I want to know who’s idea it is to lump ball up top all time.

lump it to Marriott who’s tiny n crap. 
paterson who’s slow, wins headers but goes to no one. 
the strategy is shocking. Don’t play to our players strengths. 
when we actually got crosses in there’s no movement, no commitment, no battling. 
all stand waiting for ball to hit em on head. 
don’t seem to have any other plan

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Just now, @owlstalk said:



At least Monk has stopped that STUPID thing at kick  off where Bannan just smashes the ball out for a throw in

Now we've improved it to Bannan just smashing it to their goalkeeper

neil I’ve never actually asked, but who would you actually like as manager if monk was sacked? 

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