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Man of the Match - Wycombe (A)

Man of the match   

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  1. 1. Blimey. Man of the match eh.

    • Wildsmith
    • Harris
    • Reach
    • Palmer
    • Iorfa
    • Borner
    • Windass
    • Pelupessy
    • Paterson
    • Marriott
    • Bannan
    • Brown
    • Kachunga
    • Rhodes

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5 goals in 9 league games, including 1 penalty and 1 own goal!  Our recruitment this summer has been absolutely pathetic.  And we continue to make mistakes, give away needless free kicks, at the back.


Monk and his mates need to go now, but our useless owner is bound to leave it too late.


I just wish we could attend the games so that we could vent some verbal anger towards Chansiri.

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Looks like Wildsmith was the only one to keep us in the game, sole candidate for MotM unless we're including WW players. Our outfields players should simply go fizz off and hang their heads in shame rest of the weekend.

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Why did monk insist on passing ball around their penalty area when we had nuhui playing. Yet now we don't have a target man of any description he has the team sending crosses in {bad crosses} at every opportunity. 

Has anyone ever seen so many crosses that were over hit or knee high. Wtf do they practice all week. 

It makes our forwards look worse than they already are. Also if our forwards can't hold the ball up against Wycombes defence what hope have we against a better than avg defence. 

Was I the only one who saw monk laughing at the final whistle with the Wycombe manager. Its keeping me awake picturing monks face smiling and laughing as everyone who supports Wednesday is absolutely fuming at another garbage performance. If i was monks boss I would sack him for that alone. I wish he would share what was so funny with the fans because we could really do with cheering up. Are we over reacting. No we know that we are relegated only 8 matches into a championship season. I can only think monk is so utterly useless that he can't even see what every one else can see. His team is shockingly bad. 

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17 hours ago, Lincs Owl said:

Would have been 0-3 again but for Wildsmith.


Rhodes has scored TEN goals on this ground in his career, inc 5 for Huddersfield and a hattrick for Norwich.  He should have started.


Been saying the same for the last few games regarding Rhodes starting games. We were making chances and not scoring them and as you say, he has a good record against WW.


I chose Wildsmith as MOTM because he made some great saves, putting them wide too, a couple of very good interceptions and clearances and a couple of his long kicks down the pitch nearly got us in at the other end. 


Regarding our attacking options I would rather see Rhodes on the end of the balls going into the box. He showed in his brief spell on the pitch that he still gets into the danger zone, can get his head  onto the ball when tightly marked and do the things that strikers do naturally to be dangerous when we are in possession. 


I am still not convinced by Paterson up front. He has produced more goals per game in his career when playing as a right sided wing back and we need somebody there right now. Maybe it would be worth trying him there for a few games ntil our defenders come back?

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On 31/10/2020 at 17:02, Lord Snooty said:


















It's got to end.


We need to win 50% of our games. 




Drama queen!


To get to 50/51 points, which would see us safe most seasons, we could win as few as 9 and draw 28 from our next 37 games. 


To win 14, draw 12 and lose 9 would be a more likely possibility, but quite a few things have got to click into place for that to happen. We need a goalscorer, we have for a while. So unless everybody starts chipping in with goals at one end and stopping them at the other pretty quickly, we could be in big trouble. 

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