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Wycombe Wanderers vs Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

If he survives this, Chansiri has given up. Lost interest. No longer cares.

It took Carlos to more or less offer himself up, and Jos to tell Andy Giddings to f**k off before DC pulled the trigger. 

He’s definitely not going to sack Monk until he’s literally got no choice. 

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2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

We shouldn't be making them make a save

We should be making them pick the ball out the back of the net

But we can't 

Because our squad is the worst Championship squad we've ever put together


Our squad is better than Wycombes and Rotherhams and a few others in this division.



Our manager however...............................

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

Chansiri  and the 'recruitment team'

If you believe otherwise you're a naive fool


Just now, A12owl said:


If Monk has not had a say he should have resigned. I’m sure he doesn’t need this job.

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3 minutes ago, slow83 said:

An hour in 1 shot on target against Wycombe. Our fundamental problem under Monk is we don’t make the keeper make a save anywhere near enough. 

Every supporter knows 352 with players we have just dont get you chances  no width . Strikers getting blame but dont matter who we have ivan toney etc they wouldnt hit double figures in this system and players. 

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