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“The players aren’t good enough”

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If I wanted to play 3 at the back with wing backs, I’d simply make sure I had bonafide wing backs at the club and sufficient cover at centre back.

Yet apparently wingers etc being shunted there out of position isn’t the manager’s fault, it’s the winger’s fault for not being a good enough wing back.


Mental gymnastics ahoy.

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The minus 12 points aside I'd say this team has enough to stay up, alas I think this will be too much to overcome, just not enough goals in the team imo. 


I'd like to see a 4231 formation of sorts. 




Palmer.        Iorfa.    Lees.      Reach





Kachunga.        Brown.         Windass




Personnel subject to change of course but I think the 3 behind the front man would have enough graft and mobility to drop into midfield with Bannan and Luongo whilst pushing on to play the second striker role as required. Regardless, I don't want to keep seeing us play 3 at the back. 

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7 hours ago, Carbone said:


Agreed, and with Wednesday you know the best 11 will probably play about 3 times this season, so yeah, relegation fodder. 

Why are our players never fit or conditioned enough?
S6, where players come to die (apart from those already dead with double leg breaks).

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