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That's enough for me, I'm afraid. There just seems nothing. 


Be it the affect of the - 12, be it poor team selection, be it the chairmans mad ideas. There is just nowt about that team. 


Zero redeeming features. 



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The Italian manager Albee Fuctifino from their fourth tier is available I believe ? 🤪 

He achieved promotion from their Sunday league thirty years ago.

He must be worth a go Mr. Chansiri - he’s your type 👍

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Just now, Kanye West said:

Monk is beyond deluded. Brought in 3/4 strikers and we’ve not managed a goal against Rotherham and Wycombe ffs


You can’t say the “effort and commitment is there” following 4 defeats in a row. 


Chansiri Act. 

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Please Mr Chansiri. I doubt very much that you read owlstalk. 

I can't believe that anyone could be any worse than the current manager. 

Give me the job. I will work for free. I promise you that you will have a team of players that at least pretend to be bothered about swfc and will play as if their lives depend on it. 

I might not have a cv full of previous sackings and a record of losing 75 % of games. But what I do know is why our support is so fed up with our beloved club. We see no passion, over paid players with no sense of what the club means to us. 

Was I the only person to see Gary monk laughing at the end of the Wycombe game. Supporters of swfc will not be able to raise a smile for quite a while after watching what we have seen. 


Seriously though could anyone do a worse job than monk. 

Atm I would rather see a supporter manage the team. 

Anyone could do better. 

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Took us till injury time to have a shot on target. 

Lots of possession but nothing up front. 

Monk laughing and joking with Akinfenwa at full time whistle just shows what a clown and how bothered he really is. 


He can thank his lucky stars that fans aren't there at games because the stick he would be receiving would be unbelievable. 

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