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Rotherham - V - Wednesday OMDT

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Monk should do the decent thing and resign after the game.  


Absolutely shocking again tonight.  


And he doesn't even look that bothered on the touchline.  

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I’ve got the Rotherham commentary on ifollow and to be fair they sound like they have had a really, really nice evening (albeit a bit disappointed not to have got one or two in the second half). 

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Losing 3v0 against Rotherham after losing 1v0 against Luton is unacceptable. We should have been looking to get 6 points from these 2 games. We started the season on -12 ffs. What an embarrassment our club is. 

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3 minutes ago, Theboylangers said:

I've been watching us 40 years or so. 

I've seen plenty of horror shows.

Newcastle 0-8

Forest 1-7

Leeds 1-6

Blackburn 2-7


And plenty of others. 

But somehow, this seems worse. 

50 years watching and i haven't seen much worse than this .... f'ing rovrum 🤡

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1 minute ago, TodwickOwl said:

Do you know when a team ups their game sometimes even with 10 men? 

God we don’t even do that - we’ve not even had a game plan down to ten, we take off our target man and hoof it even more, unbelievable.

Chris Kamara reckoned we had. Monk will be quoting him.

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