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Rotherham - V - Wednesday OMDT

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2 minutes ago, Miffed said:

Wouldn’t be half as bad if any of this team had some character 


But it seems like losing has become so ingrained in some of these players that it doesn’t look like it phases them... to the point that it almost appears to be the norm for them. 


This, very few players seem to want to take responsibility. No one runs into space for the ball, just turn their back and walk away from it. 

Our best cross and shot that half were both from Joey! Our creative players should hang their heads in shame. 

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Just now, owlmanc said:

When we got smashed by the blades I had the “there will no exit via the Leppings lane end” ringing in my ears .... please god I hope I don’t have “cmon rovrum” for the next few weeks too.

I thought Carlos should have been sacked at half time that day.


Thought exactly that about Monk this evening before I read your post.


It's like ground hog day, but worse, we don't have Lucas João


Maybe Chansiri was attempting to deliver Monks notice by drone at the start of the game.

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Monk has often said the real question is how the team reacts to a defeat. Well performances have got worse and worse, time to go (well actually well past the time to go under any sensible owner).

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Just now, 109Waddle said:

You can’t pin this on Dawson. None of them are playing well enough. Monk has to take accountability for this and walk or be removed.


Dawson looks pretty broken. He took a cross cleanly shortly after, in a 0-0 game he would have looked full of confidence. A depressed calm down flap of the hand, and then couldn't get rid of the ball quick enough. Half the problem now is younger players confidence will be destroyed amongst the toxicity. 

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Just now, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

Honestly say this is firmly in my top 5 abject shybo embarrassing memories of supporting us. Can confidently say we are now plumbing new depths.


This is right up there with the Steve Burtenshaw era. 

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7 minutes ago, whatdial said:

What a joke this is. Same crap every game. 

Dawson parties they score. 
odubajo gives stupid free kicks away

harris can’t cross. 
Bannan not interested 

pelupessy awful. 

Flint gets injured, Lees gets sent off, wingers playing as full backs, full backs playing as centre backs. 

Monk out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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The 2nd half is a no win situation - it's damage limitation to essentially stop them getting more goals, but by doing so means they lard arses will have to run around and get tired for the weekend's game. 


What is Garry to do?

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