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16 hours ago, Holmowl said:

The answer is in front of our eyes.


v QPR Monk finally played Reach left, Harris right - Reach crossed for our goal.


v Brum he played Reach left, Harris right - Harris crossed for our goal.


v Brentford he decided to revert back to play them on their wrong foot again. 

Would you play Penney RWB? Of course not. It would be stupid. But that’s how he uses Reach and Harris.

This all day long. Reach needs to play on the left.

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Monk and his bright ideas. If only he got his sayings right. 


What Monk fort was “Drop a Penney, then pick him again, then all season long, you’ll have good luck”.


He’s a bit fick.

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8 hours ago, Dutch McLovin said:

Depends what you look at. He has had limited game time but in the times when he has had 2/3 games in a row at lb or lwb then he has shown for me enough to suggest he would be good given a further run. But he looks unwilling to ply the percentages he always looks to pass and move. Monk doesn’t like this 


There's undoubtedly some potential there. There are also some areas which need work if he's to fulfil that potential.


If what you say is correct though, I'd worry about his chances. Any player who's unwilling to follow their manager's instructions is likely to struggle for a regular place in the team. 

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