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Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?

Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?  

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  1. 1. Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?

    • BACK him - Monk is the Man!
    • SACK him - Time to go - Monk OUT

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It will be 9 games minimum to get to positive points under Monk. 12 points needed  just to get to 0 and its taken 7 games to still fall short to add we are a further 4 points behind 21st.  This rate we need a further 7 games to get to 4 points. 

So if it continues 14 games gone on 4 points we might catch Wycombe in that time of we are lucky. 

I really want to vent but lile the players I dont have the energy and the passion is dwindling.  

Monk has to go. His record is abysmal his excuses are running out and his ability as a manager are proving to be as good as chansiri being a football club owner.

False dawn  for Monk with the win at Birmingham. Same with playoffs for DC. Both totally out of their depth.

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Unfortunately its the Organ Grinder not the Monkey thats the big problem. Any half decent chairman would have sacked Monk at the end of last season. However with all the big calls Chansiri gets it wrong yet again and backs the bloke.

Pearson, McCarthy, Megson or Paul Cook would have been great choices in the summer but I fear by allowing Monk to bring his own players and staff the writing is already on the wall and Chansiri will have sponked 200 million to own a 3rd tier team next season.

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Back him to do what? 

Utterly abysmal management.


He reviewed things in the 3 months of lockdown, changed our shape to 3 CB's for the last 9 games of last season and it earned us 8 points.


He got rid of the players he didn't want, brought in new ones who were supposed to be hungry and mobile. We have won 8 points from 7 games.


We play with 3CB's even when he only has 2 natural CB's available and when we do have 3 or more available he still favours wing-backs.


We are incapable of attacking at home and a few away wins doesn't mask his overall terrible record. 


It is negative, boring, disjointed and far from effective.


Give it time though eh.


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Sack him and get these useless, shambolic, embarrassments to the club doing something that they are just about capable of, perhaps cleaning the bogs out, feeding the birds, making some toast fo the homeless?


Monk is not the man for the job but this shower need to take some responsibility, to a man they were a disgrace, enjoy your thousands of pounds per week lads,  you are a ***** disgrace to this club, to a man man F off. 

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