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Sheffield Wednesday in the 1970's

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49 minutes ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:


Hey don't knock those lambswool jumpers with the embroidered owl they were the biz 

I had a navy blue one.


I'm sure quite a few of the players used to wear them too. Maybe a marketing ploy.


Check out the flares though!

There's enough material in those trousers to make the sails for several tall ships.

Lol..I always wanted one as a kid, parents couldn't afford it. Flares, must have been the worst decade, thank God for the 80 with Farah, File and assorted golf clothes. Would have been lost without golf scene on West st for my Lacoste stuff, weeks wages on a Jumper at 16.

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19 hours ago, 31Dec1966 said:

Photographer was probably stood next to me. I like watching from high up so often used to stand at the very top in those days (the photos I posted a while ago from 1971 are from that very spot.) I also stood there for the BDM, although there were a few more in that day!

image.png.981048aa7da1d8f43bad249583b00a50.png I always wondered who it was stood at the very top of the Kop on this picture 🙂

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