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I realised I hadn't received mine after 4pm today and emailed the ticket office and "welisten".  At 4:40pm I got the email with the code and at the same time I got an email from Alistair on the welisten email address saying that they waited until after the cut off time before sending out. Great communication back from Alistair and I understand the logic on sending out after the cut off but it would have been better the email which you get confirming your order actually said that was thw case and with a time as it still stated they were to be sent out up to 24 hours before the match.  

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12 hours ago, Lyndon said:

You can still pay to watch it but it won't come off the credit of your season ticket I think is how it works


Thanks mate I'm not paying again so I'll watch same way as away games 🙄🙈.


This seems such a waste as literally must need 1 person working from home firing the codes out immediately.

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