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Sheffield Wednesday Number Plate For Sale

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My own private plate is a perfect match.


i changed my name by deed poll for just £14 to FX17 WBX.


I look very cool cruising around town. None of these near matches for me.

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1 hour ago, Nero said:

Nothing quite says classy like a personalised number plate.

Especially one that isnt quire right.

Almost as bad as something that isn't spelt quite right....94566121_tenor(15).gif.f0f5e82f37ed57a8fa104f5de3b3710d.gif

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Just now, Utah Owl said:

Arran hmmm?


SIW - Scotland is Wonderful, yeah that makes sense, not sure where 1867 comes in though!

Incidentally my OWL1867 plate is now on the wife's car and she hates it.


She's a Scouser!

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