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Man of the Match - Brentford (H)

Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Dawson
    • Harris
    • Reach
    • Flint
    • Van Aken
    • Windass
    • Odubajo
    • Bannan
    • Marriott
    • Paterson
    • Hunt
    • Pelupessy
    • Rhodes
    • Deli-Bashiru

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A tough opponent Brentford but I hope we will learn some good lessons when the team and coaches analyse the game.

We improved in the second half just by putting a defensive midfielder on and adding a bit of physicality in Bashiru.

Brentfords first half movement through midfield was stifled by these two. Harris needs to play on the right.

Oddubajo is a good wing back, an average full back and a poor centre back. I don’t believe we would have conceded the second goal if we were able to play either Lees Dunkley or Iorfa last night.


On last nights showing Brentford look the best in the Championship. Taking them on with a makeshift defence and midfield was always going to be difficult, but we fought to the end.

Not the end of the world but we need Iorfa,/Lees,Luongo, and Brown back for Saturday plus Dunkley and Shaw for cover when fit.

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11 hours ago, Owly Mowly said:

Thought Odubajo had another good game. Bad call to put him on Toney for corners, but he was excellent throughout and much improved. 

Which makes it bizarre when you see people slagging Moses off because of the bad defending from the corner.


Think some people see a name, see whats happened and then just draw out the negatives.

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11 hours ago, sheriwozgod said:

Dawson    -   5 -    One decent save first half but to blame for the first with a familiar error.......proving to be a very inconsistent keeper.


Odubajo    -    6 -     Stuck at it manfully but he aint a central defender and never will be ..............and whoever on the coaching staff designated him to play there AND mark their one out and out central striker should be docked his pay.

Flint   -   6  -   Quiet game really , was hoping he would win more in the air at set pieces.

Van Aken    -   5  -   One or two decent passes out but still looks a huge defensive liability to me.......doesnt seem to sense danger at all.


Harris   -   6  -   Stuck at it , lovely cross for goal , but too often fails with final pass.

Bannan    -    6.5 -   The usual mixture we have become used to , some great passes , some poor

Hunt   -   5  -   I am going to cut him a bit of slack here as he aint ready to play in a midfield 2 against a side of Brentfords quality

Reach   -   6   -   decent first half , poor second


Windass   -   4   -   Not really sure what position he was supposed to be playing , but whatever it was he made a poor fist of it tonight

Paterson   -   6.5   -   Probably just scrapes MOM , good goal and a real battling effort , if a little short on quality

Marriott   -   4   -   Feeding off scraps , but still didnt do much , would like to see him play centrally rather than wide.




Pelupessy    -    4    Really cant believe he is still turning out for us. has the uncanny knack of being half a yard behind play at all times

Dele-Bashiru   -   4   Had no impact at all.

Rhodes   N/A  -  Impossible to grade as he never touched the ball :rolleyes:




First things first , we pushed them harder than i thought we would and in all fairness we were missing 3 or 4 key players.


We still lack an identity and resort to hoofball too quickly......however i couldnt fault the effort and if we can field a full strength side more often than not , then we probably have just enough to survive.


Not piling on Monk and his staff , just calling tonight as i saw it, but we got our shape , tactics and substitutions wrong tonight (two in central midfield , Odubajo in central defence etc)

Cant fault this appraisal...nice one

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I missed about 15 minutes of the first half so my assessment might be affected by that.


Dawson, 5, made a save for the first goal but pushed it forward rather than wide. Other than that ok. Needs to learn from it.

Odubajo, 7, had a good game but shouldn't mark Toney, Never a CB, tried all night. Needs must and he stuck to it.

Flint ,6, I wasn't impressed, he should have been the main man but wasn't commanding.

Van Aken, 5, not his night.

Harris, 6,  defensively ok, made some good runs and one good cross for the goal. Needs to improve his final ball.

Hunt, 4, barely noticed him, did nothing, defensively insignificant just looked lost. Still learning but needs a loan at a lower level.

Bannan,7, Drifted in and out of the game but harried well and made some decent passes

Reach, 7, had a good game, tried all night, much better than he has been in the last year. faded a bit second half.

Windass, 6, pressed well but no impact offensively, barely noticed him in attack.

Patterson, 7.5, MOM, constant thorn in their side, good goal. Workman like, a grafter.

Marriott, 6, looks to have something about him but tonight wasn't his night.



Pelupessy 6, big improvement on Hunt, worked hard and broke up a lot of attacks. He is a trier even if he lacks quality.

Dele Bashiru, 4 , ran about a bit but no impact, he's a young lad and might come good, needs time.

Rhodes, 4, Why, just why. I like him as a person but he's a box player, it wasn't that type of game. Not what we needed.

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14 minutes ago, Jackie Sewell said:

A little strange that we are calling Brentford a top side, so we can be excused, but we'd won more points than them before the game. 😕




They were 14th in the League without an away win before last night.


We made them look good mainly down to poor team selection and tactics.

Yes we had injuries but Monk doesn't help himself.

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Nobody really stood out for me, but there won't be many tougher tests than that this season. We were busy in and around Brentford's box for decent stretches but they're very good defensively as well as offensively. I feel for Odubajo, who was just outmatched by Toney for the second goal, wild how quickly Börner's stock has fallen if Odubajo was picked at centre back ahead of him.

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Dawson    -   5 -    Should have done better for the first goal.


Odubajo    -    4 -   He cannot defend.  Regardless of position he is a defensive liability.  An off form Boerner is better

Flint   -   6  -   Average, expected more attacking threat.

Van Aken    -   5  -   Looked uncomfortable throughout.


Harris   -   7  -   One of the better performers.

Bannan    -    6 -   The whole midfield lacked creativity, particularly second half

Hunt   -   4  -   He didn't take his opportunity, disappointing given his promise

Reach   -   6   -   decent first half but poor final balls in the second


Windass   -   4   -   Anonymous

Paterson   -   7   -   Decent goal and kept battling with no service

Marriott   -   4   -   Anonymous




Pelupessy    -    6    bought more solidity to midfield without creating anything.

Dele-Bashiru   -   4   Anonymous

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Brentford are a good side and given our injury situation we didnt do too badly .

Thought Bannan was M O M because he worked all night and showed some creativity ,sorely lacking in the rest of the midfield .

Hunt hasn't yet got the strength for this division and could do with a loan spell somewhere to gain a bit of confidence .

I also think we need a keeper . Apart from the initial mistake  , Dawson never comes off his line and so looks a right numpty when our defenders fail to cut out or are beaten to crosses. It's as if he seems to think he doesnt have a role to play in making things difficult for the opposites .He doesnt command the 6yd box and we looked vulnerable with every cross last night .

As others have said , why not have Flint or Patterson marking Toney at set pieces rather than a player who is a foot smaller .

Having said all that , I enjoyed the game .

Onwards and upwards .

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I'm going to give it to the fans. Their backing for Steven Fletcher was a constant boon to the team. Well done the Wednesday Universe.





Or Paterson. He was a six in a team full of fours. 

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Paterson, stood out to me. Ahead of Bannan, Harris and Reach. For once we were better going forward than defensively. However, we missed Iorfa and Luongo, who generally give us more solidity as a team. It was a decent performance considering our absentees against a strong opponent.


Performance wise, we've been slightly improving at home, though our home is atrocious. However, we really need to start picking up wins at home in order to give ourselves a better chance of staying up. I'd go for a back four and a 4-3-3 formation at home against the weaker sides in the League. 3-5-2 seems to suit us away from home. 

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I’d go for Paterson as our MOM, but, when we’re attacking, we really need him to be in the box trying to get on the end of long throw ins, rather than him taking them himself. 

Is there nobody else at the club who can launch a long throw in into the box ?

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Id have to go Paterson,worked hard allover the pitch.

injuries havent done us any favours against a strong,well organised side that are well drilled to play an expansive game,anything but your best on the day/night against them and they find you out,plus a few of ours had an off day.

Once Brentford eased off,we couldnt find a way through their defence,but we kept going but fell just short.

Id have took a point once i saw the line up,but youve got to put your best defender on Toney and hes got to shadow him in your own defensive 3rd,Id have got Flint to test that shoulder injury early doors with a stiff challenge on it.

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Right. Im getting depressed reading this. So, here was my take before you all ruined my day. We lost, but we played OK - with some exceptions. There are many mitigating factors. 


1. Brentford are a very good side in a false position. Toney is one of the best strikers, if not the best, in the league. Da Silva, Djalsgaard, the full backs. - all better players than we have at our disposal at the best of times. So we lost - but it was close, to a better team. 

2. We have two defenders left fit and in form. You could argue Borner is always a better centre half than Odubajo, even out of form. But its a fact we dont have our best defenders out there. 

3. Action Mass wasn't there. Hes our best performer this season - playing a niche role where our only cover is Joey P. With him gone we tried to cover and avoid playing Joey by switching Bannan deep and hoping Hunt had the creativity to replace Bannan further forward. This turned out not to be enough creativity, so we brought on Joey and push Bannan up. I for one applaud the reluctance to play Joey P. 

4. We have a lot of new players, who are growing into the team. Players like Marriot need to develop a chemistry and understanding with the players who provide for them. That will take a bit of time. 


So, all in all I thought given the realities we face we played ok. Having said that Cammy needs to learn to push shots out wide and Reach was terrible. 

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