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We were not really causing their defence problems after first 20 mins of second half .

Marriott was obviously very tired but I guess we could have left him on and let him pull a hamstring or something.


Would have given folk something else to moan about.

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12 hours ago, PortlandOwl said:

Why do Sky bang on about Rhodes as a goal threat? He just isn't anymore ffs. 


I thought this when he came on. Sky were about 5 years out of date with the praise for Jordan Rhodes goalscoring.
I don't think we will ever find out why his goalscoring ability fell off a cliff.

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As Ron Atkinson used to say 'His pace is deceptive. He's slower than he looks'


He's so slow he needs to stand two yards offside to have a chance of reaching the ball before the defender.


But, as others have said, Marriot and Windass were no better.

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