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1 minute ago, Spondon Owl said:

Odubajo is poo. Im sorry. Hes just rubbish. 

Difficult tonsee what he offers above Palmer as a back up CB. 

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Just now, beswetherick said:

Their gaffer has lovely hair too 


nah it's like a merkin with big ideas

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Just now, Spondon Owl said:

I've seen him a lot living in derby. He's limited. Not got a huge amount of quality at all, but brings a lot of energy and hard work. 

Dread to think what the other strikers monk was looking at that 

No wonder he thought reach upfront was a good idea

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1 minute ago, William 1867 said:

Caus he speaks the truth Monk Out.


I can't see how Monk has a future here to be honest.   I just don't see it myself.


Sure you may get some good performances where players dig in but there is no long term vision and ne just comes across as, to be quite honest - thick.



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Currently selling SheffieldFord.co.uk and BodyshopSheffield.co.uk 

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