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1 minute ago, marshy said:

We're playing a damn good side. We are average at best, and even the average side is suffering an injury crisis.

Brentford are top six nothing more. And injury crisis? Every club carries injuries. I count Iorfa, Brown & Luongo, three. I don’t include Chey as he hasn’t even bloody played a game yet. Hardly dire straits 

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3 minutes ago, agentwalker said:

Need to pull hunt off at half time

Should only pull them off as a reward but hunt hasn’t deserved it


He’ll have to pull himself off later

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Just now, Stevelknievel said:

They only had 7 points from their first 5 games, so they are not that good.

you won't find many better, they will certainly be up there.

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4 minutes ago, morganowl said:

We have borner and palmer on bench , but for some reason monk plays moses at centre half . Why?????

Could it be that Monk hasn't a clue? Plus, turn that crowd sound off!! Gives me a friggin headache.

Edited by doubled123456
Replaced crowd music with sound
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