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Champions League 20-21 Thread


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1 hour ago, BIG D said:

How good was Foden last night

Foden and Bellingham different class, very exciting that the two standout players in the latter stages of the best club competition in the world are two English kids aged 17 and 20.


Also, amidst all the stick Pep got for not aggressively pushing Foden’s rapid development, easy to overlook that he’s now already played 115 games and is still only 20. I think they have handled him exceptionally. 

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3 hours ago, The only way is S6 said:

4 European semi finals with an English team in each. 🙂👍👀⚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
2 all English finals?

Or one in each final?

Or, heaven forbid, none in either! 

With expert analysis like that, have you Considered applying for a job as a pundit on BT

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2 hours ago, owls maniac said:

Brilliant result for Chelsea that. Crazy to think they could make the final despite being so far off the title chase this season. 

Since Tuchel took over they've been very strong. Didn't look under much trouble in the FA cup Semi Vs City so have a good chance for the Champions League

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8 hours ago, FreshOwl said:

Ngolo Kante serious baller 


Can't stand that phrase or any footballer being referred to as a 'baller'. 🤮

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45 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Looking forward to this. Don’t really mind who wins it, just hope it’s a good game. 

I think we can all agree we want football to be the winner. 





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