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Champions League 20-21 Thread


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What a shocker from De Gea


Doesn't save any of 10 penalties then misses his own


He should have just leathered it


Buit it really was the Rashford miss that lost it


Easier chance than any penalty

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Why was DDG even playing? Henderson is their 1st choice these days. Ole bottling the big decisions. He actually wanted to drop DDG much earlier in the season, but as DDG kicked up a fuss he bottled that too. Man Utd need better leadership than that.

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1 minute ago, beswetherick said:

The commentator probably mentioned it (I’ve not been watching) but the entire population of the city of Villarreal could fit into Old Trafford and there’d still be 30k empty seats.

Fair play to them!

I just googled them and google started firing yellow and blue fireworks! Nice

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Posted (edited)

It's an appaling loss for Utd really


One of the world's elite clubs - maybe THE elite club - beaten by a middling Spanish team 


For them it's been a bit of a better season but the problem now is extistential


Do they stick with Ole who hasn't done a bad job but it's clear they're losing ground to both City and Liverpool (despite this season's league position)


Or do they try to kick on from here


This is starting to get the hallmark of Wenger's latter years at Arsenal - where just being in the top 4 was good enough 


But that lack of real challenge at the sharp end isn't that attractive for the best players


I think they need a new manager and probably half a dozen top players - too much PL mediocrity in that team

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