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Champions League 20-21 Thread


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3 minutes ago, mildatheart67 said:

What a nonsense decision today.


Final in Portugal , all supporters must fly in and out in the same day.

Think price of football posted £500 or more for the flights.


It seems like it on the face of it.



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Similar to the Sport Options packages that are available when England play away.


Top dollar to go, but it works for some who are on a limited amount of time away for a match.


In & out like thieves in the night.


We did this to Kiev in 2012 Euro's for England v Italy.


Flew from Brum at 5am, day in Kiev, match at night, then coach straight back to airport. Back in house 24 hours after leaving. Works well for some.


ps We lost on pens. 



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Absolutely ludicrous decision to hold an all-English final in Portugal in the middle of a pandemic, made worse by the fact that UEFA wouldn’t allow it because their sponsors & VIP’s wouldn’t be allowed to circumvent quarantine rules.


City & Chelsea should just play it out in a stadium of their choice in front of their own fans and make their own cup for the winners.

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Makes me laugh all the outpouring recently due to the propsed advent of the ESL


The football authorities throughout the game are shocking - they're corrupt, idiotic and shambolic and get away with it because they are in the position of authoritarian and unchallenged governance


The major clubs have been unhappy with them (and their domestic governance) for a while and the ESL was just the first step in a challenge to that governance


Interestingly there are still some clubs that haven't backed out of the ESL - this isn't going away


Decisions such as the one regarding the CL and the utter absurdity of it just serve to hammer more nails in the structure of the game as we know it now

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