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Callum Paterson says it exactly how it is in outspoken interview

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Think if you wrote down the qualities and personality of the ideal player you'd want in a tough situation he'd be the perfect match. Hopefully he can add some good quality on top of that and he will show what he showed at Cardiff to make him a player of the season. Pleased he's our player. 

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In his "signing" interview he said what he is, and does...and he did it today.   My guess is he'll do the same, with maybe a goal, this Wednesday  against Brentford is it?  Tough guy for sure, he said he likes to get in "their faces", for a bit of rough-and-tumble as we say here in the USA, and he damned sure did just that, today.  The whole first 11 seemed to have followed his example, even Reach looked "tougher."  

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5 hours ago, the mighty wednesday said:

I hope he's not related to Dean Friedman.

One thing is for sure he's fairly tough. Not made of half biscuit. Really hope Dukla Prague don't come in for him after Christmas.

Good thing you didn’t mention Michael Moorcock.

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