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Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Man of the match - Birmingham

    • Dawson
    • Odubajo
    • Harris
    • Flint
    • Van Aken
    • Luongo
    • Reach
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Windass
    • Kachunga
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Marriott
    • Pelupessy

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Luongo was obviously the best player on the pitch but the team as a whole played well.

Struggled in the last 20 with tiring legs but no one shirked.  

Both main centre backs (our formation was weirdly fluid) deserve credit today for helping us see out the game. 

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Massimo Mom 

looks very assured in that holding position 

but some other very good performances 


Reach , Van Aken , flint Paterson 

bannan , Odobajo 

min fact most of them 

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23 minutes ago, oldishowl said:

I thought Luongo had a great game.

No idea what position he played 


He was chasing the ball down on the half way line just before the end.

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Dawson 7, steady, one good save.

Odubajo, 7, looked a proper player for the first time since he came here. Nearly an 8.

Flint, 8, Great debut, great leader, just what we needed at the back.

Van Aken, 8, had a very good game and a block that saved 2 points. Solid.

Harris, 6, defensively ok apart from losing the ball on a break leaving us exposed. Nothing going right for him in attack. Needs to stop trying to do it all and maybe put in an early cross a few times.

Luongo, 8, Just superb, Sam who? Seriously he's made for the DM role and he gets forward.

Reach, 8, Best game for a long time, leave him on the wing, it's where he belongs.

Bannan 7, Did ok but he doesn't command games like he did. Maybe needs more time to get used to the new players so he can read their moves better. Harried and chased a lot.

Kachunga, 6, worked hard but not his day. Gave away a dangerous free kick.

Windass 7 he was a handfull, great work rate, almost an 8

Paterson, 7, Worked hard and did well to win the penalty. Proper grafter.


Subs: Marriott loooks like he will be good when he settles, others so so.  

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Van the man.


Simply for that block which was so vital 

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Voted JVA because he played well and he's had loads of stick.

Actually thought Luongo was MOM.

Missed a big striker to bring on for Paterson at the end to hold the ball up and relieve the pressure.

I'm sure we used to have one of those....

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Surely has to go to Aden Flint - he's come in without training with the team and put in a commanding performance. For that reason alone I've chosen him just over JOOOOOST, who I'm chuffed to see fulfilling the promise that some of us recognised back when he first signed. Also narrowly missing out is Luongo, who I hope can play in every match this season.


Oh, and a nod to Paterson who worked his nadgers off and won the penalty.

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Loungo just for me but pleased with the whole side for 80 mins, as most have pointed out. That game gave me more hope for the season than any others this year, though we still looked incredibly shaky at the end. I know most teams tend to sit back then, I just wish we wouldn’t do it so obviously.

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It was a very good performance. For first 75 minutes we controlled game superbly and should have been well in front.


We then got a bit nervous and they brought on some kid called Leko (if only we had tried to sign him) who made a difference.


Some real effort put in by Wednesday players today. 


Windass. Patterson, Kachunga, Reach, Bannan, Odubajo and Harris all put in one hell of a shift. Work rate was continually high.


Dawson was their when required.


Flint and Van Aken to say had hardly seen each other played really well together. Van Aken has improved to a level far beyond whatever I thought he was capable of. Flint to say had not played in months did well and you could hear him shouting at other players which is what we have lacked. Much better than I thought he would be.


Then we come to Loungo. He played what a third centre half should play like. He was in back 3 when we were without possession and he joined in midfiled and got forward when we had ball. I gave him man of the match as it was a superb performance but was not easy choice.


Odubajo had a difficult first year but he played well today showed some good close control and defended well. In fact him and Harris both looked good at full back. Reach is rediscovering his mojo and Etheridge save from him was one of the best I have seen for some time.


We showed real quality at times a little bit like Bristol game but where we dominated that infirst half and lost way in second in this game we kept up pressure.


The penalty was a penalty cleverly won by Patterson. I reckon we should have also had a couple in first half.


Delighted with three points, now come on lets back it up with home win.



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Dawson, 7 – Assured untroublrd.


Odubajo, 7 – Looked after by the new defensive Gaffer. 

Flint, 9– MoM, Signed Friday, debut Saturday in an injury hit, previously jittery, defense. Well done.

Van Aken, 8 – great block at the end, looked after by the Gaffer.


Harris, 7 –  such pace he should use it more.

Reach, 8 –  Far , far better from Reach.

Luongo, 8 – Assured performance.

Bannan, 8 – Opened things up a little more.

Kachunga, 7 – Running does him great credit.


Windass, 8 – 

                      They both worked hard and complimented each other, a real handful. 

Paterson, 8 – 



Marriott, 7 – Didn't get long but was unlucky not to open his account.


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Good all round team performance.

Mom not a lot between Flint, Luongo and Reach. Went for Flint. An assured debut.

Odubajo, Windass, Paterson JVA worked hard.


The only mystery for me is Harris. What's had happened to him? I expected Penney on for him second half.

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