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What the heck are ifollow playing at?

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37 minutes ago, erowl said:


Here's what the club said they receive:


Sheffield Wednesday receive 100% of the £10 match pass cost from our supporters purchasing live streams of Championship fixtures...


So you don't believe the club?


Where's the negative spin? I paid a fee and expect a service?


35 minutes ago, Apple said:

Do you think there isn't a fee we have to pay the EFL or whoever provides the service?

I was wondering this myself... but whatever the arrangement is, the club get £10. 

If the club have paid upfront for the use of the service then who knows.... in which case we’d be helping the club knock £10 a time off their outlay..... maybe ?

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On 17/10/2020 at 17:10, SiJ said:

It's commentary provided by Radio Sheffield. 


It's not so much of an issue if you are watching it on ifollow as you can see what is bloody well going on. 


On the other hand, if you can only listen to the game on the radio, it is an absolute joke. 


We were the "featured" match and yet they felt it more important to tell us what was happening at first Rotherham and then Barsnley during injury time. 


Whoever produces that show is a complete Blades fan. 

There, corrected it for you.😁

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On 17/10/2020 at 18:03, Lawrie Madden said:

Ifollow is a crap service that we are paying through the nose for just get over it 

What you mean is  -I follow is an excellent service that we pay a very reasonable fee for.

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Ifollow is a disaster, it took 3 weeks to get a reply to an email, they put me on the wrong contract then says its cancelled but its not, seems no way of ending a contract- a complete rip off

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On 17/10/2020 at 17:59, Quist said:

It was for last couple of minutes of game. Found it surprising they did not go back as nothing was happening in game as player was being treated for serious injury and clear penalty was not goingto be taken untilafter this. If you had commentary only can see why this was annoying.


Other than that service was good today and pictures and replays were ok. Commentary and remarks by Brian Laws were accurate in my opinion. Delighted I watched game.


Brian laws is so much better than John Pearson as the pundit 

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