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What the heck are ifollow playing at?

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There’s no reason in this day and age for the frequencies not to be split so that the folk paying for iFollow have continuous commentary throughout.



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Presumably Radio Sheffield are being paid for that service. They should remember that and stick to commentating on the match we're watching.


Can you imagine watching a game on Sky and hearing commentary from a completely different game for the last 5 minutes?

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Just now, Bpmber said:

Had no commentary at all

Yep never got any today 


Was quite funny listening to the shouts from the side though. Massimo got the bulk of their abuse

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I’m not sure if expat iFollow the same as back home but I can mute the commentary for away games by swapping to home commentary in options. Then I just Listen to Hughes scream at our players all game! He’s a tough task master! 

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11 minutes ago, trev said:

Was great listening to the salty Birmingham commentators on my iptv account....



Don’t say that on here. A don’t you have any morals!?

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2 minutes ago, steelerian said:

I'd pay 50 quid to not have to listen to John Pearson. My god, that man is annoying. 

Love John, hate it when we only get radio Sheffield commentary

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