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Just got into this on 4OD, started from the beginning after recommendation from mates.


Can't believe it took me so long to watch, I just thought it was the usual guff you find on Dave - totally wrong!


It's the evenings go to watching now



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51 minutes ago, fortunesfool said:

Considering in this series I only knew Lee Mack and vaguely recognised the rest, this has been one of my favourite groups. Amazing how they’ve kept the quality up for this long and through 2 seasons of Covid


Through the years Taskmaster has introduced me to several comedians I hadn't known or given time to, but watch regularly now. It is a great introduction to new talent or different comedy styles, I think!



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On 23/05/2021 at 20:43, Adem Poric said:

Series 11 was strong. Having only seen Mike Wozniak in Man Down I wasn't sure what to expect but he was the star of the show.


Series 12 cast looks great. 

I missed the last episode of Series 11 on C4, so I hadn’t seen the S12 cast reveal until I read this just now. 

Well happy with VCM. 

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Oh, and someone on Reddit supposedly leaked the Series 13 line-up (they started filming the studio segments last week). 

Spoilered if anyone wants to know:


New cast are Ardal O'Hanlon, Chris Ramsay, Judi Love, Sophie Duker and Bridget Christie.


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On 24/09/2021 at 12:42, Chris E said:

Big fan of Guz Khan. 


Also, don't usually like Morgana Robinson but got a feeling she'll be great this series.


On 26/09/2021 at 14:55, Gob_Bluth said:

I've not seen Morgana Robinson in anything since she was in Toast of London


She's aged like vinegar. Can't believe she's 39


how odd. I think she’s fantastic. 

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