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1 hour ago, Paul.. said:

Should have followed the books more closely whereby his sister knew much earlier on who/what he was and used him to progress her career, dynamic worked so much better!


Why do they do this and change the rhetoric?  To dumb it down for the masses?

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Doakes was also soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better in the books, the serial killer doesn't kill him in the books but cuts out his tongue, cuts off his feet (or maybe legs? can't remember) so he's still stalking around Dexter and has to use a robot voice on his phone to swear at Dexter! Dexter refers to what's left as "60 percent of Doakes"...


Aha just found the passage about Doakes:



As Doakes flopped about I could see that his right foot was gone, as well as his hands and tongue. Chutsky had said his entire lower leg had been removed all at once. The Doctor was obviously making this one last a little longer. And when it was my turn—how would he decide what to take and when? [...] And he put down his pencil and picked up a saw, and as Doakes bucked wildly against his bonds the Doctor sawed off Doakes’s left foot, just above the ankle. He did it very quickly and neatly, placing the severed foot beside Doakes’s head.


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Dexter is the number one show I haven’t seen that people are shocked I haven’t.


But I knew of the ending. If this is good and serves as an actual ending that sits the show I may watch it from ep1. 

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On 19/12/2021 at 09:19, Paul.. said:

For anyone wondering, Dexter: New Blood is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good, it's pretty much as good as Dexter ever was IMO, certainly left that catastrophic season 8 in the rear view mirror!


Agreed, been enjoying so far.


Looking forward to seeing how the last few episodes of this season play out.



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