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1. The phone lights v Brighton in the play-pff Semi.

One of the first games I took my son to, and he was absolutely in awe of the sight.

A fantastioc memory for me, and ultimately, the reason my son is now a Wednesdayite !!


2. The 3-0 drubbing of Arsenal in the same season.


3. Goes against what the O/P's rules but..................

The "dink" as the ball hit the goal post in the Rumbleows Cup Final in 1991..

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Has to be the league cup final win. We actually won a major trophy in English football and I was alive to see it. 

Don’t think we’ll ever win another so in the grand scheme of things that win was huge. 

Unlike our porkie neighbours who probably haven’t got a fan still alive from the last time they won a major trophy. 


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Antonio against Carlisle. Whycombe match. Was tudgays goal at the stain less than 10 years ago? If so being there would be up there, proper lost the plot. 


My favourite moment though was a last minute winner against Barnsley, 2014. Was just when my son, 8 years old at the time, was getting into footy properly. He'd been to a couple of games and always watched the full match, no Nintendo or moaning about wanting to leave, always followed every kick and understood the game. He didn't quite yet get it though, if you know what I mean. . So anyway, we're up in the grandstand. Pretty poor game all round and the atmosphere ain't great up there at the best of times. 15 mins to go and I tell him we can leave early, knowing that he won't want to as he knew we stayed to the end regardless. Loads round us are going, 90 mins is up and there's literally 20 people left dotted around us. Maguire  scores, I go up and when I land I look round, I'm on my own, he's gone. Oh sh11t. I look left and he's about 20 seats away, running and jumping and leaping  back to me screaming with his arms up, just going absolutely crazy, the way we all do. He jumped into my arms and he's just incoherent with joy. We're hugging and jumping about pretty much on our own. I asked him why he ran and he said he just didn't know what to do so just set off. That moment right there was when I knew he was hooked for life. To witness all that emotion and understanding and realisation of what football could be from an 8 year old was an incredibly moving thing for me. I'd got tears in my eyes and everything. All we'd done was earn a win and 3 points but it meant so much more. All the way home he was bouncing, just pumped with adrenaline and joy. That moment right there is my greatest moment watching Wednesday. Cup finals and Europe and boxing day and beating the pigs all run it a close second obviously. That's why we love The Wednesday. 

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8 hours ago, TodwickOwl said:

If you had to nominate your favourite Wednesday moment over the last 10 years (apart from winning a game/scoring a goal) - what would it be? 


Seems a lot of people have failed to understand the meaning of something other than a goal or a Wednesday win or even what the last 10 years means! 



I'll go for when I was reliably informed by someone on here that Gary Rowett was a dead cert to be our next manager so I lumped on! :ph34r:

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Promotion season at the sty. Definitely a game of mixed emotions.


Going 2-0 down in the first 20 mins thinking we’d blown it and then two late goals courtesy of O’Grady and Madine.

Proper hug a stranger moment.


The away end was mental and a vital point for us

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