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19 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:


The lack of crowds is a killer.


The atmosphere may have been toxic tonight if fans were there but the home crowd would have definitely got behind them after the equaliser.


The picky ref would have got some stick.


If you don’t believe that as a supporter you can influence the outcome of a game you may as well give up.


It’s what football is all about.  

It’s wankwithout fans.



No I agree. But just pointing out how our home form has been shocking under Monk both with crowds and without. 

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2 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

I think first 11 can be.


Add Iorfa Luongo and Brown into that side and I think we take something tonight.


Problem is a few injuries and replacements aren't good enough.


Monk also wanted a fitter squad yet still getting injuries! 

Bosldcoring is a big problem and despite his brave header, Patterson will just create room for someone else..a bit like Dave.

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2 hours ago, Night King said:

It’s a pathetic record but let’s not over react. We’ve made some good progress in The early season and got 3 huge games to focus on. 


Over react..!  1 win and 8 points in 15 home games and only 7 goals scored. Worst run of form at Hillsborough for 45 years. If fans had been at Hillsborough the last few months the reactions in the ground would have been much worse and understandable.

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10 hours ago, sonofbert2 said:

Be a reyt laugh going to home games at the minute.  Big fat bald blokes swearing pointing and grappling, women screaming, kids crying, birds falling dead from the sky.



Fire and Brimstone coming down from the sky!


Rivers and seas boiling!


The dead rising from the grave!



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Got these games at home before the New Year




You'd hope for what, victories against Luton, Millwall possibly, Stoke, Reading Barnsley and Boro. Can't see us winning 6 games at home though out of this lot. Be 2-3 max



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Forget that it was Brentford last night, that was always going to be a tough one, it’s the fact that we just keep doing the same things, week after week. It clearly doesn’t work, it doesn’t even look like it could work, and yet on we plod. 
I know Monk is no great tactician, but come on, surely when something is so obviously not working, you try to change something. If it’s beyond his comprehension, or ability, then get someone in who can change it

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The thing is .. and its tough for a lot to swallow .. a lot of fans, myself included


But this current form, this turgid style, this grinding out games is indicative of what Monk did with Birmingham and under very similar circumstances, refreshed a bloated squad, debts, points deduction etc.


Its all just to get us to safety. We can't expect amazing football and pumping teams week in week out. Monk will just do enough and it's not gonna be pretty.


We're gonna be languishing around mid to bottom table and we have to either accept that or ... well what else can we do apart from moaning about it and want change (then who knows what will happen)

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