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On 10/10/2020 at 17:48, oldtawnyowl said:

I wouldn't be surprised if he has never set foot in Hillsborough or the sty in his life.lol

I believe he was at the league cup final in 1991

Also in Terry Curran’s book he is photographed with Curran ( in the changing room I believe) after a game in the early 80s.

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20 hours ago, Rev Owl said:

Yes. Spot on.

Read interview with him where he said he grew up near Hallam FC and so went there.

His first professional game was the dark side and he stuck with them.

When he moved to London he started going with a friend to watch football and watched both Sheffield teams when they were in London.

He is a blvde but is happy for us to win because he identified football with Sheffield.

If you doubt his love for the game watch the Ripping Yarns episode he made 'Golden Gordon'.

He's also a nice guy, open, warm and friendly.

Palin was interviewed on Radio Sheffield just a few months ago. All the above tallies up with what he said.

He said his 1st love was Hallam FC and when asked the direct club which team he supports he just said 

as a school boy his uncle took him to Bramall Lane on a regular basis.

However he wouldn’t give a direct answer saying that living in a London he still has a strong love towards his home town of Sheffield. So he genuinely wants BOTH Sheffield teams to do well....and given the opportunity he supports both. 

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All of Monty Python were Wednesday fans and indeed John Cleese was one of the founder members of the OCS. 


That's how he meet Connie Booth as she travelled with the OCS, providing sandwiches and squash. 

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2 hours ago, Therealrealist said:

Don’t want be uncool not trendy etc...but I’ve always thought monty python was as funny as a trip to the dentist🥴

Tbh at the time I pretended to like it..now i really do.

Though comparing some of the shyte comedians about now its easy to see why.

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12 hours ago, Therealrealist said:

Don’t want be uncool not trendy etc...but I’ve always thought monty python was as funny as a trip to the dentist🥴

Hope the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch hasn't made you bitter. 


Palin wrote it , I think.

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He's one of the best presenters for travel programmes this country has ever seen.  80 Days was genuinely one of the memories of my childhood.   Seeing him argue and general deflation on Day 80 with the newspaper seller in London and then be refused entry to the Reform Club (Bad planning BBC) shows the genuine levels of stress and relief at the end of a long trip.  


Not too embarrassed to do a dance, wear a silly costume, try food, or get stuck in with the locals and have a bit of fun.  Compare and contrast to Joanna Lumley, Chris Tarrant, that bloke from HIGNFY who travel  at arms length from the places they travel to.  The only one that comes close is Guy Martin, who has the same enthusiasm and genuine interest in the locals, followed by Michael Portillo who fair play to him, does get stuck in.


I've read almost all of Palin's books, except for the Brazil one, and watched them all.  Not only is he able to engage the reader in a light-heartedness that makes the viewing easy on the eye, his level of detail is exquisite and serious when needed.


No-one else could have pulled of the North Korea trip.  His other programmes feel a little dated now (Pole to Pole, travelling through the Soviet Union, which then breaks up) but they are still worth watching.  


Oh, and if he supports both teams, so be it, but it's still 75/25 in favour of Wednesday I reckon.

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