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Cheating Barnsley

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Guest Bulgaria

I tried that Peanut butter flavoured Marmite last night.


Just seems a bit unnecessary.  It was extremely cloggy, I was still smacking me chops for about 2 hours after I had eaten it.


I will stick to regular Marmite from now on.

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My wife walked in from work today and saw the dog licking marmite out of my arsehole.

"Don't let him do that!" she screamed, "It's disgusting."

"That's your opinion" I said, "This is his second jar, he absolutely loves the stuff."

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1 hour ago, The_Limit_Owl said:

I had whipped Vegemite butter on thickly sliced toasted sourdough in a cafe near Shoreditch last summer, was an absolute sensation that I've been trying recreate with marmite since, can't get the same intensity though, I'm afraid to say Vegemite, in my humble experience, absolutely wazzes all over marmite!



Who let the hipster on!

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