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28 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


Has GM said that?   Genuine question.

He said hed play more central,cant recall him saying hed be a striker.

Reach isnt a WB either,he cant tackle,but he can go past people and he whips in very accurate and dangerous crosses,hes lost in the centre as he keeps drifting outwide anyhow,so he doesnt fit into the system,he suits a 442 better,which was what he was bought to do,but as weve got crap defenders,Monks hand has been forced and he plays a back 3 because the law of averages says all 3 cant play crap in the same game

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5 hours ago, McRightSide said:

Do you agree with Garry Monk that Reach’s best position is central, and sometimes as a central striker?

No. Left side midfield is the ONLY position to play him. 

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5 hours ago, CrosbyKitchens said:

He’s a perfectly adequate LWB

Personally I think he’s way more than adequate, but even if that’s all he is, it puts him top of our 5 wing-backs.


In order, IMO:-


Best LWB






Best RWB





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