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I bought my father a book on Wednesday a few years ago and it had a section in it about Quinn. My dad started to cry (never saw him cry before) i said what's up dad? He said he was such a lovely bloke, a gentleman and a great football that he had forgotten about, And it reminded him of happy times.

RIP Dad and Mr Quinn

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A very touching and nostalgic event.


As a 16-year old I was gutted when Quinny was transferred to Rotherham... he was in brilliant form and Tommy Docherty rightly said he had pulled off the deal of the century.

Diappointment quickly faded on reading the 'Green Un's match reports and was delighted to see John make such a massive impact.


Thanks to the family for the open invitation (with safeguards).

An excellent sound system meant that those outside could hear the service very clearly.

Brilliant words from the celebrant ( Cheryl Kelleher ) and from Jack Whitham made it an outstanding memorial for an outstanding man.


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