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BREAKING NEWS - New striker Callum Paterson signs for Sheffield Wednesday FC

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44 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:


Bottom of main page below online list....






Thanks, sexy dark mode is much better for my old eyes and it also better suits the mood of the majority of posts on here and our bi-polar fanbase :ph34r::ghoulguy:


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That's the brick shiithouse we've needed up top signed up


I still think we need a nasty bugger in the middle of the park


Hopefully when Dunkley gets in, that will sort the defence out


I'm not sure we have enough creativity in the wide areas


Harris works his socks off, but his distribution is shocking, same with Palmer


We need more quality in those areas


Murphy would be a very nice addition if we could get him

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Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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3 minutes ago, fpowl said:

Great signing 


putting together a real team with effort spirit and passion 


Just need results now 

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While he wouldn't have been on my radar going into the season, by virtue of the fact I can't recall seeing him play much. 


Seems he has the attributes we are lacking and the attitude Monk is looking for. 


We struggled on Sunday with two similar players up front, hopefully a physical presence and focal point will make a difference.


Judging by the pictures of him training today, hopefully involved on Saturday.

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