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7 hours ago, HillsboroughOwlNI said:

Not a film star (yet) but Elon Musk. Complete nutjob genius, knows how to properly fudge accounts, can upgrade us to autonomous D-Taxis and usually has a hot bird to sit in the directors box.

And get the government to bankroll us whilst making poo quality product! fantastic!

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I think film actors/musicians/etc. should stick to acting and not own football clubs; if we believe DC to sometimes be clueless and grasping(learning) the ropes, imagine the damage a clueless actor would potentially have.


BUT... if we did end up in a situation like that, I'd take Russell Crowe or George Clooney... seem like sensible guys who could do well. Or, maybe Al Pacino so he could turn up in the locker room and deliver a speech as in Any Given Sunday xD

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