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Fulham -V- Wednesday (League Cup) OMDT

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Not unhappy with that team, the league is the priority and our squad players need experience and games for fitness. 


That said, Fulham have put a strong team out, would have been evenly matched with our first 11, so a real challenge tonight for our lads.

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7 minutes ago, alanharper said:

Shame in a way that we're clearly not that bothered about winning, Fulham have put a pretty strong team out, but it's good experience for the youngsters. 


To be fair our squad is so thin we can't afford to get players injured or knackered. I think people are getting a bit comfortable and carried away with our start. We still only have about 20 'first' team players plus 5-6 from the under 23s. We need between 2 and 4 first team players in midfield and attacking positions for me still. Maybe also a wingback. 

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10 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Only 5 subs? Thought you could name 7 in this competition?

That’s pathetic, if we really don’t have more than 16 fit pros, name some U18s for the experience. Maybe Monk is trying to make a point

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