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7 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

I knew Johnny well.

He was my landlord as I rented the flat above the sports shop on Middlewood Road

Johnny and Gerry Young would be in the shop all day and I'd nip down with a cup of coffee for a chat about all things Wednesday 

One thing I'll remember Johnny for the most though is that he was ALWAYS smiling

I've never once spent time with Johnny Quinn where he wasn't grinning, smiling and happy. 

He was also a very calm, very chilled man who was just really really nice bloke.

The fact that Johnny and is lifelong pal Gerry have passed within a few days of each other is fitting too. Two blokes who were inseperable.



Used to get my boots from him as a youngster.


Remember him always being a lovely bloke and like you say, always smiling. He made me feel like I was a professional footballer making an important decision to help get the boots that suited me.


Sad news. RIP

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9 minutes ago, steelowl said:



RIP Johnny, (far left) 

part of my boyhood team of heroes 



Same here mate I was nearly seven, the Wednesday made me cry on cup final day, that Quinn song was my favourite . RIP J.QUINN x

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27 minutes ago, ken52 said:

Oh no, so soon after his big mate Gerry. Rest in peace Quinny, a top top bloke who raised a lot for local good causes with his John Quinn's All-stars.

I was thinking that myself. If I remember correctly the shop on middle wood road was Johnny Quinn sports and jerry Young trophies. Proper sports shop. I used to get shirt numbers printed there and trophies engraved. Not to mention my crafty cockney dart flights. Good memories. Never saw either of them play though . RIP.

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