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Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

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22 minutes ago, parajack said:

Mid table,lower mid table if we run out of steam,late run at the play offs if we fly...

Feels optimistic with the squad we have but hope you're right. 

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Guest BelgiqueOwl
16 hours ago, parajack said:

Opened a new box of 'exclamation' marks!!!!!!!!!   ? Thats what you say people are doing..your opinion....not fact.Cardiff away & the Hornets at home by the way,were two really potentially difficult gigs that could have gone so badly wrong...the fact that they clearly didn't,far from it,is what people are commenting on..

Not guffing over the 'new' team..at all what new team? either 6 or 7 Players were here last season(as many have commented on pre season,how few players left) that were in the squad Sat....

You missing 'Hutch' 'Fessi' Dave?...Lee?   Winnall?..players move on all the time, & we are not comparing Players we are comparing Team performance,attitude,& results,from last season to this....The Players you referenced  FAILED, failed to win promotion for this Club...thats what they were brought in for,and we didnt get it..'most 'normal' fans....**** me...oh to be 'normal'....END EX

Watford reserves at home is a difficult game? God help us when we have to play their first team then!

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On 19/09/2020 at 09:59, Dutch McLovin said:

A team of hard workers and little talent won’t go far.


A team of talented individuals who don’t work hard won’t go far.


A mixture of both and you’ve nailed it.

Piggies under Wilder blows that argument out of the water.

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