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Wednesday - V - Watford OMDT

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Difficult second half, had to dig in. A game we would have lost last season. 


I'll take the draw against a good team, who moved the ball well. 


We know attacking play a work in progress, but very happy with the workrate, organisation and determination, particularly to defend our goal.



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Can’t really complain. I’d have snapped your hands off at 4 points from Cardiff and Watford. 

My biggest concern from last season was our inability to really hurt teams at Hillsborough, especially from open play and that seemed an issue today.


But a clean sheet and a point against a side I would have expected to walk the league I won’t be complaining. 

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2 minutes ago, PriceAPP said:

50 pence?

I've never seen Shefki and Kryten in the same room at the same time...


Like most of the others, I'd have taken a point before the game started. Will be interesting to see in future games if that first-half blitz followed by a knackered second half was a deliberate tactic or just a pacing fail...

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I’ll take the point against Watford all day long,  but I don’t think they were much better than us 


on another day, with a bit more of a clinical edge in the final third that for me is 3-0 Wednesday,  without saying we should have probably also had a penalty 

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2 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

Not sure about that, best time to play Watford while they’re seriously under strength Typical home performance under Monk, not brave enough to get on the ball


Think you're being incredibly harsh there old boy. 

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