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Fastest and Slowest ever Wednesday players?

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Was JJ actually that quick or did his time from 2007-2014 just coincide with some of surely the slowest Wednesday sides of all time so he seemed extra quick? Half the slow players mentioned in this thread were from this era

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On 17/09/2020 at 21:49, 1/10/1983 said:

Warhurst and Walker could both shift.


There have been honourable mentions for Branston, Horne and Sedgewick but the slowest has to be...


...Ronnie Wallwork.


Turned slower than milk and outran by a morbidly obese tortoise. He was Pinteresque (for you culture vultures.)

Yep first bloke that sprang to mind

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Dalian Atkinson could shift when he got in full flow. Warhurst was rapid and you’ll never beat Des Walker.


slowest I’d give to Steve Nicol, what he lacked in pace though was made up by his positional play and ability to read the danger before the opposition knew what they were going to do themselves. Shame we got him 5-10 years too late.

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Waddle had the fastest feet and train of thought but his pace was lacking. 

Carlton Palmer could always shift over a fair distance (box to box). 

Hirst was quicker with the ball than others without it in his prime! 

Des Walker obviously fast

Paul Warhurst again could shift

JJ was like a firework rocket

Michael Antonio was pretty quick


Other than that in the post 90s era we've not had many quick players, which perhaps has been a big reason for our struggles over the years playing a slow pace. 

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